The Committee is now working on an update for the members on the decisions following the recent issues with our previous Facebook page.

Among the topics for discussion (stemming from conversations with the Club), are the rules for everyone who wishes to remain in the group to accept to avoid (we hope) problematic situations occurring in future. Some useful links to have a look at are Facebook’s Community Standards and the Club’s Facebook Community Rules.

This website is the only official source of information from this DA and this is why:

  1. The Club stipulates that any Facebook presence must be via a closed group so its contents can never be visible to Club members in general.
  2. We may use the All-DAs Facebook page to advertise our events to over 4000 members but you must be a member of this Facebook Group to be able to see it.
  3. This website has no visitor limitations and is available to all (including non-Facebook users of which there are increasingly many due to data privacy concerns).
  4. As the Club permits mailing lists on DA websites (see Green Paper 1.16) if administered via the lawful basis of Consent, we have introduced a mailing list so members who want “push notifications” (i.e. to be told when there is something new of significance on the website) can now do so. See our Mailing List page.

The DA Committee.
Last updated on 1 June 2018.