Date: 29 December 2018 to 2 January 2019.

Status: The event is ON and space is AVAILABLE.

Site Fees: £60 for the 4 nights (see booking form).

Booking Instructions: Please follow the instructions on the booking form. The closing date for bookings is 30/11/18 and the final date for cancellations is 1/11/18.

Enquiries: Please see the booking form for contact details.

Location: Five Acres High School, Beech Avenue, Five Acres, Coleford GL16 7QW.

Directions: Navigate to the school and then please follow the DA signs.

Stewards: TBA.

Site Facilities: Own Sanitation advised but facilities available approx 10am-midnight daily. No EHU. All pitches hardstanding.

Entertainment: TBA.

Pets Welcome: TBA.