The DA Committee is now preparing to re-launch the DA’s Facebook Group but with some rules in place so we all know what’s ok and what isn’t.

Membership will be subject to the initial and continued acceptance of the rules shown on our Code of Conduct page which may change at any time so please check the page regularly.

Third Party Rules on Facebook

Some useful links to have a look at are Facebook’s Community Standards and the Club’s Facebook Community Rules.

Facebook or Website?

This website is the official source of information from this DA because:

  1. The Club stipulates that any Facebook presence must be via a closed group so its contents can never be visible to Club members in general.
  2. We may use the All-DAs Facebook page to advertise our events to over 4000 members but you must be a member of this Facebook Group to be able to see it.
  3. This website has no visitor constraints and so is available to everyone (including non-Facebook users).
  4. As the Club permits mailing lists on DA websites (see Green Paper 1.16) if administered via the lawful basis of Consent, we have introduced a mailing list so members who want to be told when there is something new and important on the website can now sign up to our mailing list, sign up now.