Q. Who should I make cheques payable to for this DA?
Please make cheques out exactly to: Camping & Caravanning Club Ltd Glos DA

Q. I am a member and am interested in coming to one of your meets, what do I do now?
Great! Visit our Let’s Camp page, find the meet, click on the meet name in the venue column then follow the instructions about booking near the bottom of the page. If it doubt use the contact details under Enquiries and you can also send us a message with the Contacts Us page.

Q. I want to bring non-members to a meet, can I?

  1. If it is a meet where you can have day visitors (e.g.for a BBQ) then no problem with a day visit
  2. If it is a weekend meet or a 5-day meet then no overnight stay is allowed as these meets are for club members only
  3. If it is a THS then yes, they can stay in your unit after taking out temporary membership with the steward and paying the extra adult fee per night